Game Over Zeus

I know, I know, normally I don’t do this sort of thing unless I’m the one writing the content. However, this time this well produced YouTube video just seems like it’s great information in a easy to digest form to pass along to the masses.

Yes, before you post near uncontrollably, I realize this video is several seven months old, that there have been countless headlines about it online, and that there have been victories in thwarting this botnet already through multi-country collaboration. I’m simply re-posting in an effort to catch those that might have been asleep during its moment in the spot light, and also to let people know that it, and its variants are still out there, ready to pounce. Translation? Keep those gloves up kid! I hope you read that in a Mickey voice like from the movie Rocky.

Enjoy this F-Secure PSA about the Game Over Zeus botnet. If you’re worried that you might be infected, or hell, if you just want to check out of curiosity, F-Secure also offers a free online tool to check your status. That tool can be found here.