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Touch ID AKA Touchy ID

Touch ID Icon

Before we start, lets take a moment to recognize the layers in this joke title, “Touch ID AKA Touchy ID”. Get it? It’s a fingerprint scanner that people are arguing over, and you need to touch it a lot to make it work? It’s “touchy”? I guess I’m the only one who finds that amusing. […]

Machine Ethics

Drone taking off

Machine ethics, huh? Yea, we’re going there. Not in the crazy tin foil hat wearing way either. In the scary, turn around the corner and we’re there type of way. It’s something we’ll need to come to terms with, and here’s why. (more…)

Game Over Zeus

F-Secure Logo

I know, I know, normally I don’t do this sort of thing unless I’m the one writing the content. However, this time this well produced YouTube video just seems like it’s great information in a easy to digest form to pass along to the masses. (more…)

What Walter Scott really needed.

Starting with the obvious, what happened to Walter Scott was nothing short of terrible. A tragedy that absolutely could have been avoided. Why is a tech blog speaking about Walter, and his story? Because South Carolina Police think technology might be the answer. (more…)

Digishock Podcast Episode 0


Since the introduction of the new WordPress site I’ve been meaning to get the old content restored. This is the very first episode, Digishock Podcast Episode 0. In this episode Jordan, host of the popular @Websavers web hosting service, and myself, are finding our feet and cutting our teeth on Android security topics, BlackBerry 10 […]

Affordable laptop storage

Laptop Storage

So recently I was posed with a problem related to laptop storage. My wife and I cleaned up our house to ring in the new year, but still one thing remained on the list of things to tackle. Our laptops and their messy charging cables.┬áLaptop storage is always difficult in our home. We use the […]