Affordable laptop storage

So recently I was posed with a problem related to laptop storage.

My wife and I cleaned up our house to ring in the new year, but still one thing remained on the list of things to tackle. Our laptops and their messy charging cables. Laptop storage is always difficult in our home. We use the devices enough that putting them in a case isn’t practical. We use them in roughly the same location in the house (the kitchen) for a variety of reasons so we can’t really hide them out of the way in different spaces. It just wouldn’t be convenient.

What was our solution? Not hiding them anymore.  Instead, we’ve agreed to accept that they will just always be there (until the next form of computing comes along). Looking on Pinterest / Google I was able to find some nice ideas for completely hiding them away, or for building an entire floating desk, but nothing for just “Grab and Go” convenience. That’s when it hit me, office organizer! A sturdy metal organizer could hold our laptops and still be simplistic enough to look decent hanging on a wall.

The featured image of this post shows the final result. You could pick any style organizer, or jazz up an existing one in a variety of ways, but this one worked best with our evolving decor. Optionally, and only because I couldn’t find my power-brick  accessories, you could use the bottom portion of the organizer for a power bar and only use one outlet instead of two.

If you have some ideas for device storage or integration in the house, let me know at Additionally, you can reach me at a variety of social medias listed below. Thanks for reading the first quick-bit of the new year!

Laptop Storage